Are the parts used in an application that is mission-critical?

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    2020-06-19 at 12:09 pm #1433

    Are the parts used in an application that is a single-point failure or is mission-critical? If so, what mitigations are in pace to ensure failure of the device is not mission-ending?

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    2020-06-19 at 12:10 pm #1434

    Suggestions, Observations and Lessons Learned

    In a single-point failure or mission-critical part application, a few options are available to prevent premature end of the mission. The designers could significantly derate the part, consider selective use of a higher-quality part, add selective redundancy or invest in independent testing of identical samples.

    Also as part of your architecture design and risk trade studies, it is important to evaluate the option of a single string of highly reliable units vs use of lower reliability, redundant units.