Do you have lot homogeneity and device consistency between lots?

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    2020-06-19 at 10:21 am #1389

    To what data or insight do you have access that demonstrates lot homogeneity and device consistency between lots (e.g., lot screening data)?

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    Suggestions, Observations and Lessons Learned

    To a great extent, the specific grade of the device determines the amount of data and level of insight you will have. This data and insight helps users determine lot homogeneity, i.e., consistency within a given lot, and consistency between different production lots. Generally speaking, the insight and level of data provided is higher for automotive and military grades than for COTS and industrial grades. Designs should be able to accommodate variations in part performance. This is often accomplished by including margin in the design requirements. And access to lot screening data, for example, increases confidence that infant mortals have been removed from the population from which your parts come.