Does the supplier identify statistically different parts and lots?

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    2020-06-19 at 11:58 am #1429

    Does the supplier employ part average testing, statistical yield limit and statistical bin limit per AEC-Q001 – Guidelines For Part Average Testing and AEC-Q002 – Guidelines For Statistical Yield Analysis to identify statistically different parts and lots?

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    2020-06-19 at 11:59 am #1430

    Suggestions, Observations and Lessons Learned

    These AEC documents provide general, statistically-based methods for removing outliers from populations of microcircuits and semiconductors supplied per AEC- Q100 and AEC-Q101, respectively. History has shown that such parts with abnormal characteristics significantly contribute to quality and reliability problems. The AEC recommends that use of the Part Average Testing and Statistical Yield Analysis techniques described “will also flag process shifts and provide a source of rapid feedback that should prevent quality accidents”. Knowing that parts you procure come from such lots may provide much of the rationale and evidence needed to build your and/or your customer’s confidence in their selection for your mission. Note that the AEC provides these documents as guidelines, not requirements, and permits alternate approaches as long as there is good justification.