What data regarding burn-in/screening/test conditions did you review?

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    What data regarding burn-in, screening, test conditions and pass/fail criteria for the parts being considered did you review? What were the results and do they satisfy the requirements of your mission? In other words, how does the screen affect the Consumer’s Risk vs the Producer’s Risk?

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    Suggestions, Observations and Lessons Learned

    Consumer’s Risk is the risk that a Producer’s screens were inadequate and failed to remove some percentage of defective parts. These parts get delivered to the consumer or marketplace.

    Producer’s Risk is the risk that a Producer’s screens were too stringent and scrapped good product that could otherwise have been sold to a customer.

    With alternate-grade parts that undergo no burn-in or screening, the Consumer’s risk is higher (i.e., the customer is more likely to receive some small percentage of defective product). Typically, COTS and industrial-grade parts undergo limited to no burn-in or screening. If the results of burn-in, screening or other test data are available, they should be reviewed so there are no surprises (anomalies, unexpected failures) during your manufacturing and test programs or during flight.